Perfectly Black blog was developed by writer, Ashley Watson, to empower and inspire the “Black/African-American” community. It was created with the goal of becoming more than another trend or phase. Perfectly Black blog seeks to trigger reactions from its racially-charged blog posts & create a social community of like-minded individuals. Perfectly Black also participates in several protests & events, including the 2015 Million Man March in D.C and the 1st & 2nd Annual UmojaLife Juneteenth Festival in Atlanta. Since its creation in 2015, Ashley has employed writers &  implemented Perfectly Black Book Club which began in September 2016.

Perfectly Black or PB Book Club believes in rejuvenating the black reader, providing the latest novels to their members at a very low membership cost. PB Book Club members intimately discuss cultural literature in person, via video & GroupMe. PB Book Club members are also very supportive of each other’s literary journey, as well as their personal goals and attributes. Ashley is now raising money to buy books for their growing community to have on their ongoing journey within African American literature.

Ashley is also collecting childrens books & raising money to build a Perfectly Black Book Pantry for children to borrow & return books. PB Book Club members will also be able to donate their books into the pantry. Perfectly Black wants to indulge the black reader with literature tailored for their culture. Perfectly Black also wants to entice other cultures to learn more thoroughly about Black/African-American culture. Ashley personally feels that Perfectly Black’s blog & book club are growing communities of readers, writers & activists who can & will break down literary barriers that plague black & brown people. This community will encourage them to support and appreciate the African-American literary arts.  



Perfectly Black turned one year old on May 7, 2016. She’s got a new logo & new look to accompany this success! Now, let’s make every year this great 🙂